Sunday, May 14, 2017


We watched the old Penthouse movie "Caligula" last night, just because it is full of nudity and sex.  Here are a few stills that show random male nudes.  In the first scene, the actors are alongside the road outdoors, nekkid and exposed to a couple of dozen other actors, plus the film crew.

This second scene has the actors nekkid as they dress the emperor.  Not shown in these particular shots are a whole bunch of other actors and actresses, some dressed, most not who were also in the scene.

And this last scene shows the young emperor's new wife having her skin moisturized with fresh hot semen from the guys in back.  And yes, the movie does show close-ups of those big hard cocks shooting cum into the bowl.  This was never the "best movie ever made" but it is a fantastic (almost) non-porn fantasy of sex and nudity!

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