Thursday, October 17, 2013

Beach Erections

These guys cannot hide their excitement at the nude beach.....

[Picture removed by request.]

 This is an awesome picture of a nude group at the beach.  I would really like to know what got all the guys so hard!


  1. I'd blow most of these guys and eat it directly from the source. I'm a guy who knows what it is like to get a good blow job so I know how to give 'em too.

  2. Tom please remove the 5th picture down on this pay this picture was taken and posted online without my cosent thanks

    1. OK, I removed it for you. But keep in mind that this posting was made over three years ago and has been viewed almost 37,000 times. I have no control over any other uses of the photo.

    2. Thank you tom I appreciate your help

  3. Now, I'm curious. Would like to have seen that picture! Thanks for all the good work, Tom